Our policy

Company policy

As a company, we are aware that our employees are our most important asset, and that we should take every step to ensure their health and well-being. For this very reason, we need to ensure their utmost safety so that they can carry out their work without endangering their health.

In the face of this new normalcy that we are now experiencing, the use of a high quality face mask is critical in order to maintain employee safety. To ensure that this is so, we would like to invite you to get in touch with us either through email thalaaa.shop@gmail.com or dialling +34 654 33 20 77 to request a quote with no commitment to purchase.

To make it easier for you to protect the safety of ALL your employees, we are offering product packs with discounts, to allow you to choose the one that most meets your company’s needs.

Discover our range of face masks including our personalised masks for companies. 

What’s more, our logistics allows us to offer the possibility of sending orders all over Europe, in record time. To get in touch with us: thalaaa.shop@gmail.com


Despite this crisis situation, we have no intention of changing our pricing policy, which is based on a fair price for a top quality product.

Moreover, we are well aware that our face masks have become a basic needs product and, therefore, our pricing policy must endeavour to make our products available to all customers wishing to purchase.

Furthermore, should the product be delayed or arrive damaged, then we undertake to fully refund the order.


Installation instructions

1. Wash your hands with soap and water or, failing that, a hydroalcoholic solution

2. Hold the mask, adjust the rubber bands to the ears and the clip on the nasal bridge.

3. Lower the bottom to the chin and adjust.

Once the mask has been adjusted, DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS, if you do, wash your hands before handling or using hydroalcohol.


Mask removal:

1. Remove mask without touching the outer front part.

2. Discard if it has already passed the washing cycles or place it in the washing machine directly without mixing with other clothes.

3. Wash your hands with soap and water or use a hydroalcoholic solution.



Wash without using products that damage materials (cotton / silk). Avoid products that leave odors.

Wash at minus 60 degrees for cotton and a maximum of 120 degrees for silk.

Avoid environments that can contaminate the mask during drying. Do not use WET to avoid adhesion of particles.


Visual inspection:

After each wash, in the event of detecting any damage, discard the mask, for your safety.



Recommendation for use:

4 hours maximum for each hygienic filter.

Avoid placing the mask in a waiting position on the forehead or chin.